The Egan Warming Center is CONFIRMED to ACTIVATE on Wednesday night January 26, 2022. We will also go on STANDBY for Thursday January 27, 2022. More days may be added as we go.


These are the sites we will open this week:

Eugene: Lane Events Center (County Fairgrounds) 796 West 13th Avenue in Eugene. We will be operating Expo Halls 1 & 2. Site opens at 7pm. Accessible Site, Pets welcome. After hours entrance is through the A Gate on 13th between Tyler and Van Buren. Site can also be accessed on foot through the pedestrian gate near Wheeler Pavilion, across from Monroe Street.

Springfield: Springfield Memorial Building, 765 A Street in Downtown Springfield. Site opens at 6pm. Accessible Site, Pets welcome. Use the entrance on 8th Street.

Youth Site at First United Methodist Church, 1376 Olive St in Eugene. Site opens at 6pm. Accessible Site, Pets welcome.


New volunteer orientation and training is required to join the Egan Volunteer Family.  More trainings will be added during the winter season.

Upcoming New Volunteer Orientations Scheduled:

Tuesday 2/8/2022 6:30-8:00pm

This will be a remote training on Zoom. Please email egan.volunteers@svdp.us to register and receive a Zoom link.


Dear Egan Volunteers, 

Wow! What an amazing and wonderful effort to shelter our unhoused neighbors over four straight cold, snowy, wet, nasty nights. You are truly inspiring. Brief respite with warmer temperatures today, then called to service again tomorrow. Spend New Year’s Eve with Egan! 😊  


The first activation is always a bit of a learning exercise, and an opportunity to be better next time. At the start of Egan season we said all volunteers will be fully vaccinated. We had some requests to accept negative test results in lieu of vaccination, and we tried to accommodate those requests. The lack of clarity and communication about the change caused some confusion and concern. We appreciate the respectful and valuable feedback we received, and apologize for the lack of transparency on such an important issue.   

Egan volunteers will be fully vaccinated. We are already asking you to work in a congregate shelter with many guests who are not vaccinated. It can be darn near impossible to maintain six-foot distancing at all times. This is especially true with other volunteers with whom you are working side-by-side and elbow-to-elbow. You must be confident that they are fully vaccinated like you.   

You will be asked to make this promise to other volunteers and our guests by signing an updated agreement. We will have new volunteer agreements to sign on-site before your next shift. And we are close (fingers crossed) to having an e-signature option on our website, but we’re not quite there.   

Thank you for your understanding and support, and especially for your compassion, kindness and hard work. 

Tim, Nick, Mike 


About: The Egan Warming Center operates during cold weather months, November 15 to March 31. We open when the overnight temperatures are projected to be below 30 degrees F. In our protocol we deal with averaged forecasted temperatures and the actual temperatures can end up being very different. We live in Oregon where the temperatures change rapidly.