Volunteer Agreement

Volunteer Agreement

Egan Warming Center Volunteer Agreement 2020-2021


The mission of the Egan Warming Center is to ensure that unhoused people in Lane County who want to be inside during extreme cold weather have a place to go. We value and respect the dignity of all humans, and we strive to create space that is physically and emotionally safe for all, regardless of race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, mental or physical disability, gender, gender identity or sexual orientation.


As a volunteer of the Egan Warming Center, I agree to the following:

1. I support the mission and values of the Egan Warming Center as stated above.

2. I am willing to follow direction and abide by decisions made by the managing volunteers and/or staff of St. Vincent de Paul and the Egan Warming Center.

3. Unless specifically authorized by St. Vincent de Paul, I will not speak, post or otherwise represent St. Vincent de Paul and the Egan Warming Center to the public or media.

4. I will endeavor to keep my commitments to the Egan Warming Center.

5. I am willing to function as part of a team.

6. I am willing to follow protocols regarding reporting abuse of anyone.

7. I will maintain healthy boundaries with guests, including not allowing them in my vehicle, not allowing them into my home, not loaning phones, handing out money, etc.

8. All donations to the Egan Warming Center are for our guests. Volunteers will not take anything home or give away items to other volunteers.

9. I understand that the Egan Warming Center is not an appropriate place for religious proselytizing, political discussions or any form of manipulation or pressure.

10. COVID-19: I agree to all rules and guidelines as determined by St. Vincent de Paul and Lane County Public Health (attached), including wearing a mask at all times and maintaining six feet social distancing.

Confidentiality: Further, I pledge to create an environment of confidentiality and courtesy.

1. I will refrain from gossip and keep all information heard or observed about guests, staff and volunteers confidential.

2. I will not share guests’ stories using social media, letters or interviews.

3. I will not take photos or videos of any guest at an Egan Warming Center, whether I use their name or not.

4. I am bound by laws and policies that protect the privacy of guest information. I agree to keep this information in the strictest of confidence.


St. Vincent de Paul reserves the right to decline volunteer participation for any individual.